Bedsure Orthopedic Bed for Medium Dogs – Waterproof Dog Sofa Bed Medium, Supportive Foam Pet Couch with Removable Washable Cover, Waterproof Lining and Nonskid Bottom, Grey Pet Supplies

About this item Orthopedic Support: Our orthopedic dog sofa is designed to give your pet unparalleled support for a deep, dreamy sleep. High-density egg-crate foam helps distribute weight evenly and provides the perfect amount of pressure relief and joint support. Enhanced Comfort: The 4-sided bolster design promotes ultimate comfort and security, offering your pet a variety of cozy positions to snuggle. The cushioned bolster shape is deeply filled to support your pet’s head and neck for a more restful sleep. And the lowered entrance protects your pet’s knees and promotes accessibility. Enhanced Comfort: The 4-sided bolster design promotes ultimate comfort and security, offering your pet a variety of cozy positions to snuggle. The cushioned bolster shape is deeply filled to support your pet’s head and neck for a more restful sleep. And the lowered entrance protects your pet’s knees and promotes accessibility. Tested & Dog Approved: This supportive dog bed is wrapped in our velvety soft flannel fabric, offering soothing comfort that your furry friend will find cozy and relaxing. Pet Safe Materials: This standard 100 by OEKO-TEX certified dog bed consists of CertiPUR-US certified foam and luxurious flannel, creating a safe and comfortable space for your furry friend to rest and recharge. The non-skid bottom reduces slips and protects your dog.

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28 x 7 x 23 inches; 4.2 Pounds

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June 10, 2020

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Bedsure Comfy Pet

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#1 in Dog Sofas & Chairs

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36,863 ratings

59 reviews for Bedsure Orthopedic Bed for Medium Dogs – Waterproof Dog Sofa Bed Medium, Supportive Foam Pet Couch with Removable Washable Cover, Waterproof Lining and Nonskid Bottom, Grey Pet Supplies

  1. ChristieChristie

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Cat slept on immediately!

    Wow, this bed is niiiiiiiiiice! The thick eggshell foam insert poofed up right away and I zipped it inside the velvety soft cover. Although I’m not gunna be the one sleeping on it, I can tell that this bed is going to be really comfortable!This is the first bed I’ve gotten for my cat (he’s finally upgrading from boxes lol) and I feel so happy that it’s so nice and that he approved of it right away. So presh!My cat is tall & long, weighs 14 lbs and I bought him the small. It’s perfect for him!

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  2. Autumn

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    A favorite in the household.

    This bed is absolutely perfect, that instead of fighting over it, my dog has peed on it multiple times to stop my cat from using it. The covering comes off via zipper so you can just toss it in the washing machine and dry on a hanging rack. The mattress itself seems to be protected as well, since the pee is usually only on the top layer. Both my 9lbs cat and 12lb dog love this bed and love resting their chins on the supportive sides.

  3. Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    I think he likes it!

    I just received this bed today for for XL German shepherd who weighs about 90-100lbs. As soon as I assembled it he later on it and hasn’t gotten up, so it’s safe to say I think he likes it. I ordered the size XL and it’s a perfect size for him to stretch out and lay comfortably. Actually both of my German Shepherds can probably lay on there at the same time. Great buy!

  4. Alice F. Simpson

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    Our 15 year old dog loves this bed. Unfortunately, we have had to buy 2 more of them since we got a new puppy in the house that chews them up very easily. So, with this latest one, we only bring it out at night when the puppy is sleeping elsewhere so our old dog can get a good nights sleep. We also like that it does not take up very much space and fits nicely under our desk. And, it doesn’t get floppy over time it maintains it’s structure (the first one lasted for 2 years until we got the puppy).

  5. Lauren Lauren

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Comfy and Soft – Just right !

    I must have looked at dozens of dog beds and read as many reviews. I liked this one the best. It filled out quickly and she was ready to try it out. Good shape, firm and it has room for her to snuggle up or stretch out. She’s a 12 lb. poodle and we ordered the 24.0″L x 18.0″W x 6.0″ size. This is Sadie approved.

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  6. HeatherHeather

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Everyone loves this bed!

    And there’s plenty of room! My pit, the weiner, the cats, they’re all on it and they all love it! And it’s so easy to clean! That’s the best part! I love that you can take the “arms” out and the bottom to wash. I also love that the bottom is covered to protect from accidents.Another recommendation from me!

  7. Elizabeth FelicianoElizabeth Feliciano

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    Love this bed, I was looking for a bed for,my baby due to her period days i don’twant to have her on my bed cause she don’t like wearing her dypers,she would take it off in the middle of the night so I decide to get her a bed while she’s on her days, dint want to get her just any bed, wanted something comfortable for her due that she’s use to sleep with me,and I found this one, really was a good choice, very comfortable and easy to wash.Really recomend.

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  8. Sydney

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Worth the money!

    I have an English mastiff who hates to share her bed with my other dog. She LOVES this bed. I ordered an XXL and I could fit three of her on it! It’s also easy to put together, it’s like a bed in a box. Once you take it out of the sealed plastic, it inflates to actual size.

  9. BBdadBBdad

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Loved By Buster and Dutton

    My fur baby (Buster) loves his new bed! My 15 month old grandson also thinks that Buster’s bed is a good place to take a break. ??.The bed was delivered in a small box. It was super easy to put together. The memory foam is very soft and comfortable per Buster (he lays in his bed a lot). Perfect size for him to move and stretch out. Highly recommend this bed. Buster gives a 10 out of 10 rating. ??Review provided by Tammy McKinney and Buster

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  10. SamSam

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Awesome. 12 year old yorkie loves it!

    Such a great dog bed for my 12 year old yorkie. Her old bed would just sag to the floor, no cushion at all and we could tell when she got up she was hurting and when she was laying, she was almost constantly trying to readjust to get comfortable. Now she seems much more comfortable.Washed it once – cover easily comes off and goes in the washer and dryer, no problems at all cleaning it.

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  11. Ashley Faulk

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    My dog LOVES this bed!!!

    I purchased this for my 50 pound german shepherd/lab mix. She would occasionally lay on her old bed but since purchasing her this one, she is consistently laying on her own bed instead of trying to get on furniture or my bed. This bed is so soft and judging by how much she lays on it, comfortable. She loves the raised edges around it so she can use it as a pillow to lay her head on. I would highly recommend purchasing one!

  12. Jamie K

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Holds up to accidents.

    We have a very old dog and wanted to get him a new supportive bed. The bed is great, super thick and great memory foam. Being such and old dog accidents happen, including one where he let his whole bladder go. Luckily the interior of the bed has a waterproof coating and it really stood up well. Washed the cover then just rinsed off the interior and it was good as new. Will be buying more of these beds for around the house.

  13. Patricia Wiles

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Lovely Color/Pretty Bed/No Way is this bed 6.5 inches in depth

    This bed is for our four-legged family member for use in our Family Room. She is 11-12 lbs. and this bed will do quite nicely for her because she is light. The mattress is noted at 6.5 inches which it is absolutely NOT. In tandem with the small puffy part of the bed casing into which the mattress fits, it may provide 3″ cushion in “egg crate” form. She is a really small dog and is young not compromised with any orthopedic issues so we are keeping the bed. If she were an older dog or a heavier dog, I would return the bed not feeling it to be sufficient in heft for either of those conditions. even at the sale price. It is CertiPUR-US so that is a good feature for which is nice for quality. If your dog fits the above criteria in weight, age, and condition, the bed should prove fine for your needs.

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  14. LEWLEW

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Small size great for cats

    I got one of these beds to replace my older cat’s bed that was falling apart. Unfortunately my younger cat starting using it instead! So I got another.SIZINGSmall size ended up great for my 10lb cats. They can certainly loaf at one end and then it may look too big for them, but when they lay down and spread out I feel confident that Small was the way to go.COLORI ended up with Dark Green and Washed Blue. The inner fabric is gray on both but the Dark Green has a slightly darker gray. I love the Washed Blue color most and almost got two of them but wanted to make sure I could tell which one was which cat’s. They don’t like to share.FABRICThe bed is a type of velvety fabric that will look darker or lighter in spots depending on which way it’s laying. I feel this isn’t really reflected in the product photos but more obvious in customer photos. A plus is that the variation in color means cat hair will be less visible. I have not seen my cats make biscuits on it which to me says it’s not the right softness/fluffiness for them to want to do that. I’ve seen others on Amazon with the soft sherpa fleece fabric that I know they would love to knead but it’s usually white and I’d rather have their fur or stains be less visible.The bottom of the bed is that black fabric with little rubber dots that’s often used for non-slip bottoms.DESIGNI’m happy with the overall design. The cats like to rest their heads on the bolster and when they don’t want to there is the little middle opening without it.What pleases me most is that the memory foam insert (egg crate style) is covered with a waterproof cover first and all that goes into the outer velvety cover. Great idea for when accidents happen. With my cats that usually means hairballs that’ll stain or if they track stuff from the litter box.I have not washed the outer cover yet so I am not sure how it will hold up. The bolster is a part of the outer cover and not removable from that so I do worry that the stuffing in the bolster will clump a bit. Out-of-box it was already a bit squashed and lumpy.MY CATS REACTIONSMy younger cat (7 y.o.) uses it a lot! She has a spot on our couch with a soft blanket but now she is almost exclusively using the bed. I notice she especially likes to use it as a place to clean herself after the litter. It bet this is because it cradles her bottom and spine more than when she were to do it on the floor. I imagine it’s more comfortable.My older cat (14 y.o.) has always been a hard-surface cat. She will usually opt for tables and floors than her old bed. I think it’s because it’s cooler to her (she’s a long haired cat). With her old cushy bed she would usually ignore it until winter time.With this bed my older cat is using it even in the summer. Definitely not using as much as my younger one but still it is being used. However, I have seen her get out of bed to lay on the floor right next to it. I believe it’s because she gets warm and the memory foam might too so she leaves. Something to consider I guess.OVERALLVery happy that my cats like this bed and actually use it! Love the colors and that there is a waterproof covering to it. Would recommend.

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  15. Amazon Customer

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Excellent product

    I ordered this item, after reading a lot of the reviews and because the bed seem to come smaller than expected through most people’s reviews I ordered an extra large, my dog is 70 lb and she really could have used the smaller one. It was very easy to put together, she has loved it since the first moment I set it near the couch. It has not flattened out and for the first time ever, she elected today to lay on this dog bed rather than on one of my couches.

  16. DeniceDenice

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Fur babies approve

    I love that it’s washable and waterproof on top. It’s soft and comfy. I read a lot of reviews where people commented on it not being chew proof. I don’t think that’s a possibility with any dog bed. My dog trainer says a tired dog doesn’t chew, so I feel people should stop blaming products for their inability to walk your dog or wear him out from playtime. This dog bed is perfect especially for the price..

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  17. Terissa

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    My Dog LOVES it

    My dog refuses to lay on dog beds. I have bought so many different kinds but she refuses and mostly just lays on our old sheets and comforters. I bought this on a whim and she loves it. So much that my husband was looking for her through out the house during the day only to find her in our room on it, and she pretty much refuses to go to our room unless its bedtime. I even had to buy another one for his office so she will lay in there with him again while he is working.

  18. Alex LopezAlex Lopez

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    My old dogs love it

    I have two 16 year old dogs, one of which has arthritis. I frequently found him laying on the carpet instead of his old pillow.. so I gave this bed a shot. He loves snuggling only on this bed now. He also wakes up less stiff. The foam is firm yet gives.I bought the 28” length bed for these two 8 lbs chihuahuas and there is some room to spare.

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  19. Dana Welch

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great for the $

    I have two Siberian Huskies, one 8 and one 4! I just bought a dog bed for my 8 year old 70lb boy from a box store, when I got it home, although great quality it was too small and he seemed to have a hard time getting out of it ( he is getting older)! His younger sister also likes to cuddle with him sometimes at night, and that bed wouldn’t allow it! I bought this one praying it had both comfort and size for my aging boy…. And needless to say he LOVES it. The quality is good, soft, a very large for the )$! Best money I have spent in a while.

  20. Chloe ShinChloe Shin

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Perfect size for 50lb border collie

    Our dog is quite picky and rarely uses dog beds or cushions, so we had many hesitations before purchasing this product. However, we were already captivated by the first picture in the product introduction. Since our home interior is in dark green, we were looking for a green product that would fit well, even if it’s not Christmas. We wanted a slightly spacious size, but we ended up choosing a slightly smaller size to fit perfectly in our living room. Nevertheless, we were satisfied with the result. While we had tried other beds before, our dog hardly ever used them. However, with this product being the perfect size, we now often see our dog sleeping here. The cute and lovely design adds to our satisfaction.

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  21. Melissa ShannMelissa Shann

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Needed Support!

    I ordered this bed for my almost 17-year old pitty, Minney Lu. She’s been dealing with health issues including muscle and joint stuff. Recently, I started searching for a new bed to help keep her comfortable when she’s sitting and sleeping. Today, I put it together with ease and I love it! It’s the perfect size for her 45lb body (I ordered the large) so she can stretch out comfortably, yet doesn’t take up a lot of space in my room. I’m looking forward to her having better naps and bedtimes as she continues her senior years. Totally satisfied!!

  22. RS

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    One happy grand doggy!

    Actually, make that two happy grand dogs. We bought one for each of our girls for Christmas, in different colors. (Not that they pay any attention to that, but we tried.) The bed is very comfortable for them and they took to them immediately. The built in bolsters around the sides provide not only a comfortable “pillow”, but act to snuggle around their bodies as well. They love that! Having removable/washable covers is a real plus, as any dog owner will tell you, and the covers are easily removed and replaced. “Happy Dogs, Happy Home!”

  23. Marc Twain

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Frustrating to assemble.

    I know, how could a dog bed be frustrating to assemble? Well, the innards are always bigger than the shell so it takes a bit of wrestling to squeeze things in. Then the bumpers are bigger than the space they are to occupy and lined with a fine slippery and loose material that is designed to be caught in the little zippers. It should not take an hour of profanity and sweating to put a dog bed together. Oh, I really wish the size descriptions were better. I could have gone with a smaller bed. At least with this one, I can join my pup in her bed for naps.

  24. NoriNori

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Love It

    I had been looking for a decently priced bed for my older dog, who loves to hang her head off cushions or outside of other beds. I’ve been a but concerned about her overdoing it so I wanted a bed that had somewhere for her to raise her head a bit higher and large enough for her to stretch out. I’m super happy I found this one!It comes vacuum sealed so the large cushion might take a while to settle (ours took almost a full 24hrs I think), but so far it’s been amazing! I use some blankets for the colder nights, but my dog loves that she can stretch out, rest her head on the raised sides, and that it’s cool enough for her.I do wish the raised sides were a little taller and that they were removable for when we possibly have to wash it, but overall it’s a great bed for a REALLY great value.

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  25. Brian

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    My old Golden retriever LOVES this bed.

    I’m so happy my old girl loves this bed. She’s always slept on the couch or a nice comfy spot on carpet but I’ve gotten rid of the carpet and her joints arent as great as they used to be. She’s never had a bed like this but the moment I laid it on the floor she walked over to it and layed down.My BIGGEST gripe is that this one (48”) required assembly vs the other (same one but smaller) bed. With this one, you have to force the foam backing in the surrounds. It was a big pain in the butt!She loves it though, so I’m happy.

  26. P.P.

    4.0 out of 5 stars


    Received quick on time.Great delivery well packaged a box within a bigger box and the bed was air vacuum sealed.Easy to open and insert the foam bed inside the zipper bed.42x 32 XL. size for my chocolate lab lady and it fits great as advertisedMy dog is up in years and deserves the best bed possible for her joints at this point.She got on it right away and fell asleep so good. I will share pictures you can see the cushion does support her entire body and doesn’t flatten. I think she loves the border pillow to rest her head. Overall, it is a bit pricey but I recommend for senior dogs. Thank you.

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  27. Racheal

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Super supportive

    I have a very small rescue and I’m always looking for supportive dog beds for some of my older dogs. This one is actually as advertised. I’ve purchased probably hundreds of dog beds over the years as I go through them fairly consistently and this one actually gives you enough material to fill the whole bed where a lot of them on Amazon don’t give enough material to actually fill the bed. It’s thick and very sturdy and looks exactly like the picture.

  28. Graham

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    My 10 year old golden loves it!

    Overall our golden loves it. From the first night we put it out. It seems to support her old bones and she is much less restless at night. It’s her go to place to lay down. Very happy about that. Best dog bed we’ve bought to date.Our golden retreiver is about 45lbs and about the hgeight you would expect. She fits perfectly in this XL size one. She can lay on it with her legs outstretched and her body straight. She also enjoys propping her head on the sides.Only drawback is maintaining it. Taking it apart to wash the cover is a bit painful. It’s a fight to get the foam in, especially the bolsters.When you first get it I’d suggest you lay out the foam peices and let them expand and fill out.I would rate it 4.75 stars. The missing .25 would be taking it apart and putting the foam back in.

  29. JessJess

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Cute and comfortable!

    My little girl is almost 16 years old and she loves this bed! The bolstered area does a good job of supporting her head. Best of all, the bed is made with safer chemicals and meets the OEKO-TEX standard. For the most part, it is an excellent product. There are just a couple of minor cons. The outer fabric is wrinkly and will need to be steamed to release the wrinkles. I also wish the center opening of the bed was a little wider so it would be easier for my little girl to get in the bed. Sometimes she tries to walk over the bolstered area (and struggles) instead of through the center opening. All in all, the bed is a good purchase!

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  30. Jennifer M. WestJennifer M. West

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Nice beds

    I bought 4 beds of different sizes so I’m gonna review all 4 at one time.2 small beds I bought for cats. Both cats are longer than ‘normal’ cats. Gray & white cat is 14 lbs. Orange & white cat is 20 lbs.1 large bed for black dog. She’s about 55 lbs.1 XL bed for red/blonde dog. She’s about 65-70 lbs.So, the cats. Both cats fit on one bed. They’re brothers so they frequently sleep together. Even with both cats on one bed, there’s no depression to the foam. When they’re on their own beds separately, they have more than enough room to fit and stretch out. They were leery of the beds at first but I sprinkled catnip on them and now they both consistently sleep on their beds.The black dog has the large bed. I just took that out of the package today. It seems a little too small for her but she tends to prefer to lay in smaller places to sleep. She needed quite a bit of convincing to get onto the bed to take her picture but that’s her, not the bed. She’s got a crate that we’re trying to replace with the bed. She doesn’t handle her environment changing well so it’ll be baby steps for some time before we convince her that she’ll be ok if we move her crate out and replace it with this bed. In the meantime, we’re going to put this bed in our room near her crate. She doesn’t always sleep in her crate but it is her safe place and if we take the crate out of our bedroom, she paces and cries and won’t relax. This is a ‘Greta’ problem, not a problem with the bed.The XL bed we got for our oldest dog. She’s a golden retriever/shep mix. She lays on it and the foam holds her weight without a any problems. Again, bought this bed for her to replace her crate. She RARELY sleeps in her crate but again, it’s her safe place. Also, this dog likes to sleep on our bed with and without us so I wonder if she’ll use this over our bed.I took a pic of the large bed on top of the XL bed for size comparison.All 4 beds have raised sides to them. The cats and the bigger dog will rest their chins on those raised sides. All 4 beds are soft and thr fabric is nice. I haven’t washed any of them yet but we’ve had foam eggshell type bedding for our oldest dog before he passed away last year and it washes fine in a machine, you just can’t put the foam into the dryer.All 4 beds came packaged well. The covers and the foam mattresses are compressed and rolled. You have to be careful opening them with anything sharp to avoid cutting into the foam or the fabric of the cover.This review is mostly for a size comparison. Hopefully our dogs will use them. Our cats use them all the time. I want to mention that I actually searched for, compared and paid for these beds full price on my own. I don’t get paid to review items in any way. I don’t remember why I chose these over any other brand but I’m pretty sure it was because I could buy all 4 beds in the same color from this brand. That being said, the 2 small and the XL beds are exactly the same fabric and color but the large bed is a little different fabric on the bed area. There was no discernable odor to any of them.

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  31. Kunle

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Heaven for My Dog

    I recently purchased the bedside orthopedic pet bed for my furry friend, and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase! The bed is perfect for my pet’s orthopedic needs, providing excellent support and comfort. The bedside design allows my pet to be close to me at night, which has helped alleviate any anxiety she may have had. The bed is well-made with high-quality materials, and the orthopedic foam is firm yet comfortable. The removable cover is a great feature, making it easy to clean. My dog could stay in the bed all day if I allowed her to. We’ve gone through several beds, but I think this is finally the one she loves. Overall, I highly recommend this bedside orthopedic pet bed to any pet owner looking to provide their furry friend with a comfortable and supportive sleeping experience.

  32. Graham PhisherGraham Phisher

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Proof Is In The Pudding

    Today was my dog’s birthday, and I thought it would be fun to take her to one of the major pet stores and let her try out different beds and pick a few treats out. So after trying 5 different beds, she gravitated towards this $100 “CBD infused” (whatever that means) dog bed.On the way home I got to thinking about how does this CBD infused dog bed compare to other beds, what are reviews saying? And you don’t really need to look further than here to find that as products are very throughly reviewed by a countless number of people.So I find this at the top of the search for dog beds and decide to give it a try, well for my dog to give it a try. Luckily for me the bed arrived the very same night I ordered it, so I could have a honest A/B comparison without my dog becoming too attached to the CBD Infused dog bed.I placed both beds next to my workstation so I can watch my dog choose which bed she gravitates towards more. She definitely seemed to favor the bed from Bedsure much much more. Sometimes when I get up and she follows me, when we return she would sit in the CBD bed however after 10-20 minutes would make her way back to the Bedsure bed.Clearly we have a winner.

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  33. WP

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Bed

    I bought the 35″ bed in Candy Cane. I must say, it arrived a little stained with red on the white-ish part of the bed but nothing that was concerning to me visually.I haven’t washed it yet but I would say based on this default staining I would say be careful on combining other clothes when washing it so yours don’t get stained.Othereise it was easy to assemble, and has enough room for my Cocker Spaniel, she’s almost 30 lbs and I would say myself it’s pretty quite comfortable as well. I hang with her quite often on her bed for 5ish minutes and its able to hold both of us both us without any issue ( I’m like 105 pounds). It’s firm, comfortable and roomy.I would say, consider the color you’re buying based on your dogs behaviour or on the space he/she frequents. This is kind of her indoor bed so she can hang out with me while I’m working, and she’s often on the patio so her little paws are dirty and the bed can get dirty easily because of that.Besides the previous statements I would personally recommend it, it’s a great buy.

  34. She22

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    My dog loves this bed

    We’ve been looking for a while for a comfortable dog bed for our pup and have finally found it. It’s just the right softness for our four legged member of the family. The bed came in tightly packed but quickly expanded and got into the correct shape after it was unpacked.My only complaint is not with the product but with the delivery. It was raining the day of the delivery and the delivery person literally left the package literally in front of the door of our covered porch. By the time anybody got home from work the package of the product was disintegrated and some water had made its way to the dog bed.

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  35. AleAle

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Perfect for price

    First off this is NOT an orthopedic mattress, it is a foam egg crate bed. However, I thoroughly read the reviews and understood this before buying. My dog has been in love with the egg crate mattresses ever since I can remember. At 17years old, she finally needed a new bed to replace her old one. I received the XS bed and it works amazingly for my 4.5lb Maltese. I read reviews about the beds not being thick enough or high enough. However, since this is such a small bed, the design worked out flawlessly. It is sturdy enough for how little she weighs and the sides support her head extremely well. The foam has a liquid resistant cover on it which is a huge upgrade from our last bed and it adequately protects the foam from those time-to-time senior accidents.No time was lost before my dog grew accustomed to the bed. She loves sleeping in it and I love the price and look of it.

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  36. Krazy Kitty LadyKrazy Kitty Lady

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    My Baby LOVES It ♥️

    My kitten is 8 months old, and she fell asleep within five minutes of climbing in this bed for the first time!! This was after I took everything out of the package and let it “fluff up” for 2 days. I have a few other cats, and they’ve napped in it, too! Seems to be a hit!! I would definitely order again.UPDATE: I’ve already had to wash this bed (you unzip it, remove the foam and wash the outer cover only). I was skeptical, but it came out looking as good as when it went in!! I will be ordering more of these beds for my other kitty babies!

  37. Deb B.

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Good Support for your older dog

    The bed came vacuum packed apparently to save space during shipping. Had I not liked the bed I’m not sure how I’d have packed it up to return it because it comes in a very small package. It fluffs up after several hours and provides a nice firm base for our older dog’s old bones which was the whole purpose of the new bed. It’s very soft and snuggly feeling – can’t comment as to whether it’s chew proof or easily laundered as I just got it. The green/gray colors are very nice. I’d have given it 5 stars if the sides were a little higher (which I knew when I ordered) but our two smaller dogs (35 lbs) were both very fond of the bed right from the get-go. Got the large size and it’s actually big enough that they could both get in it – but that won’t happen!

  38. Brittany

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    I purchased this 2 years ago and I came back to order another one in a bigger size. I still have the one from 2 years ago and it still looks brand new. I have a 7 pound maltipoo and I purchased a medium. My baby like to stretch out and this size was perfect her since she was a baby. Now she’s at 7 pounds and her legs are longer. She can still fit it but she don’t have as much space to stretch out (length wise) like she used to so I’m ordering the large to give her more room. If you have a toy under 6 pounds a medium Is perfect but when your dog grows more and like to sleep stretched out a large is even better

  39. LJMLJM

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Really nice

    This is a great dog bed especially for the price. I have a 50lb pit/boxer mix and she was in it as soon as I had it together.It comes very compact which is nice and inflates as soon as it’s opened up. No lengthy wait and no terrible smells either which I am almost always expecting nowadays.As you can see from my pictures, the crated foam isn’t thin and should provide a nice level of comfort.My dog is young and doesn’t spend a lot of time in it, but she does enjoy it when she’s in it. She has arthritis from a prior fracture (don’t know what happened- she was a stray before I rescued her) so I wanted something comfortable she could use if her leg was bothering her & she didn’t want to jump up on the couch or bed. I would not hesitate to recommend this or to buy another one in the future.They want me to rate it on being chew proof and that I cannot speak to. It feels like a microfiber type material and I wouldn’t say that is very chew proof in my book. It should clean pretty well though.

    10 people found this helpful

  40. Theresa from Dover, PaTheresa from Dover, Pa

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Luxurious comfort

    This bed is more beautiful than I anticipated. I bought it for the orthopedic feature of egg crate foam cushioning for my aging pupper. The cushion gets zipped inside and was easy enough to put together. We purchased a large grey bed and our girl is 45 lbs. She has plenty of room.

  41. Diana

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great dog bed!

    This is the best dog bed I have ever bought! It holds its shape, is washable, and my dog weighs 80 + pounds and my other dog weighs 85+ pounds and they can both fit on it. If I need a new bed, I will definitely reorder this one! Highly recommended !

    One person found this helpful

  42. Denisse CasalesDenisse Casales

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great bed

    I have a 5 month old schnoodle (11 pounds at the time) I have a playpen set up for her to sleep in and added this bed to it. She loves it so much that I leave her playpen door open and she will go in on her own and sleep on her very comfy bed. I have it covered with a blanket because I’m a clean freak.

    One person found this helpful

  43. Nashville TN

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great quality!

    I have bought three of these now for my dog so that I don’t have to move one from room to room. They are great quality and he loves them. I like that they have a shorter opening in the front since he’s elderly and has some trouble getting in and out of anything that’s too high. I bought another brand that looked very similar and was a bit less expensive but the quality of that one was no where near the quality of this one for a few dollars more.

  44. William CooperWilliam Cooper

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Okay, but there are much better.

    I purchased this bed when it was on sale (on the right). We received this a week ago for our 90lbs dog. I gave it a few days to see if it would fluff up more, but it did not. I personally think the pictures online are a bit deceiving. The bed on the left was purchased years ago and it offers much more cushion than the one just ordered. While I like the water proof aspect of this bed, I would like a little more form for our older dog. If this bed is one sale and it is not for an old dog, I think it’s a pretty decent purchase. If it is not on sale or for an older dog, I’d opt for another bed.

    5 people found this helpful

  45. Drew HouseDrew House

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Good quality.

    I am really impressed with the quality of this bed. My newly rescued dog must never have had a med before as he just tried to eat it. But he has caught on today and slept in it. I like that I will be able to unzip the cover and wash! Great value.

    One person found this helpful

  46. Valerie A. Kelley

    5.0 out of 5 stars



  47. Ashley BaldozierAshley Baldozier

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    My dog loves this bed and so do I

    This is the only bed that’s held up for my dog, she’s not destructive with her beds or anything but I usually get her the simple ones from Walmart with the stuffing inside, after a few weeks they go flat and you can’t really fluff them back up and one of them ripped in the washer, made a mess even though I followed directions to a T and another bed melted in the dryer even though directions said to tumble dry on low heat which is what I did. I love this bed because the bed part comes out which makes for a lot easier washing, it’s also held up really nicely, it’s not going flat whatsoever and we’ve had it a few months now, my dog likes the sides of the bed which are higher and kind of look like a bowl but she loves to lay her chin on the sides and it’s really cute. I also got a pet heating pad that I put just under the cover of the bed and it’s perfect!

    10 people found this helpful

  48. WF

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Raised up off the floor, super soft. Pups loves it.

    It raised well off the floor. Has an thick egg foam insert. Super soft. My pups loves it! My pup loves to work under my feet while I work. The space under my desk was very small. The dimensions were right on. I got the 27″ length and it was the perfect size.

  49. Mikayla A

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    My dog loves it

    My dog loves this bed. We put it where she normally likes to sleep and she grew fond of it quickly and now uses it almost every night. Of course, we like that she likes it because that means more room in our bed when she isn’t hogging the bed! Haha.When I first opened it it was vacuum packed into a smaller box than I was expecting. It took a long while for it to fully expand, so it was lopsided and not so squishy for a week or two. Now it’s fine, and filled out nicely. It seems to be well made.

  50. Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    My Two Dogs Are Very Happy!

    I puchased the large-plus size bed for my two, medium-sized pups. It was easy to assemble, and I’m stoked that the cover comes off so easily for washing. My dogs immediately climbed in and it was obvious they were very comfortable, feeling snug due to the the bolstered sides. A very nice attractive, well constructed dog bed.

  51. 123Amom

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Wonderful bed

    I have been looking for the perfect bed for my fur baby. She is a small breed and likes to curl up to sleep or stretch out long. In this bed she has enough space to do both. She loves her bed and so do I. Really soft and lightweight . The first positive is that it arrived fast, second , it was easy to put the padding in the bed and it opened to full form pretty fast, third, its waterproof capability for the padding. My dog has accidents in her bed at times so this will make for an easy wash. We ordered size Medium for my 17 pound weenie pup.

    One person found this helpful

  52. Peter PickardPeter Pickard

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Well made, washable and easy assembly

    (NOTE: I have a towel in the bed for her to use for nesting and it is not part of the purchase.) Loved how easy this was to assemble, even with arthritic hands! The foam comes with its own zip up washable cover and both easily zip into the outer fabric. Also, the foam seems to be a comfortable firmness, not too hard, not too soft/flimsy as often is the case. The bolster is supportive for my dog, who likes something to lean against. Love the color choices (I picked the basic gray). I let it air out for 24 hours, assembled and she went right in and fell asleep. Win win for us! Buy the thing. It’s great! (Our spaniel is 30 pounds and I got the 35″ for next to our bed and the 28″ for my home office.)

    13 people found this helpful

  53. gmcc180gmcc180

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Comfortable, roomy and attractive

    The XL Plus has plenty of room for our 65 lb. girl and her smaller friends. The foam base is very plush and measures 4″ thick once it’s expanded after shipping. The bolsters make a nice headrest for small and large dogs alike. Our cats also like to nest in the corners. It comes thoroughly shrink wrapped so give it a day or so to fully expand. It was pretty easy to assemble by myself. It’s really nice looking and comes in a variety of colors to match your decor. I LOVE this caramel color. It’s a nice heavy bed too, about 12 lbs, so this is not moving around in the room. Ours aren’t chewers so I’m not sure how well it stands up to chewing, but it seems quite sturdy and well-made.

    31 people found this helpful

  54. Paulina Chlebicka

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    While the quality is evident, the cost is on the higher side.

    I recently purchased the Orthopedic Bed for Medium Dogs, and while it boasts a beautiful and plush design, the overall satisfaction in my household has been mixed.The bed’s aesthetic appeal and softness are undeniable, offering a cozy retreat for my furry friend. Its easy-to-clean feature is a definite plus, simplifying the maintenance process for pet owners.However, it appears that my dog isn’t as enamored with it as I had hoped. Despite its orthopedic design, my pup only sporadically uses the bed, opting for other spots around the house. This could be attributed to personal preferences or perhaps a subtle quirk in the bed’s design.The major drawback, however, lies in its pricing. While the quality is evident, the cost is on the higher side, especially considering that similar products are available in other stores at a more budget-friendly rate. This pricing factor may impact the overall value for some customers.

    10 people found this helpful

  55. Jacqueline Pagan

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Soft and durable

    I bought this bed for my new pup. It’s really pretty and it was easy to assemble (nothing complicated). My pup loves it. It’s soft, yet sturdy and it’s big enough that she fits perfectly, as if the bed is giving her a gentle hug. I’m glad I got it for her.After I bought this bed, I learned my pup’s sister has the same one (different color) and she loves it too.

  56. marrsgirlmarrsgirl

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    2+ years and still the best beds ever

    I can’t say enough about these beds. I bought two of them in October 2021 and it’s now January 2024 and they barely show any signs of wear. They have held up amazingly well, and the covers get washed every couple of weeks so that’s at least 50 washes now for each of them.For me, ease of washing the covers and reassembling is a must for dog beds, and these deliver. The bolsters don’t come out, only the mattress pad; you just wash the covers bolsters and all, and then the mattress pad is so easy to reinsert. I do have a high capacity washing machine and can fit the XL cover in it, no problem. The zippers are heavy duty – usually one of the first things to go on low quality beds.One of my absolute favorite things about these beds is the fabric they use on the underside. Unlike what they use on so many dog beds, this stuff repels fur instead of attracting it. And it’s a grippy material that actual works and keeps them from sliding around on my hardwoods.I used to replace dog beds constantly, even ones that cost twice what these cost couldn’t seem to hold up more than 6-12 months.I will happily buy these again (if I ever need to!)As far as comfort, my dogs have other beds available and they’re allowed on furniture/human beds too – I’d say they choose these beds at least 50% of the time. The egg-carton style foam mattress pad seems supportive enough for my 50-55 pound dogs. The XL size beds are more than ample for them whether they want to curl up or stretch out, and they seem to like the bolsters. The mattress pad has a water resistant covering that also keeps out odors.Considering how long they’ve lasted they are a bargain, and mine still look like they could easily last another 2 years.

    90 people found this helpful

  57. KJKJ

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    PERFECT BED – Medium for Shih Tzu

    The media could not be loaded.

    SIZE: We have a 14 week old Shih Tzu puppy that’s 5lbs and loves to stretch out when he sleeps. I went back and forth on whether to order a small or medium and went with a medium so he can still stretch out as he grows to his full size of 9lbs.This size is too big for his crate so I will be ordering a small one as well as it’ll fit perfectly in a 24×18 crate.We’ll keep the medium for his sleeping in his playpen/house.QUALITY: The material is very soft and high quality.The egg crate foam mattress can be placed with egg crate foam side up or you can put the egg crate side down with smooth surface side up if your dog doesn’t like the egg crate feel. The outer border is very well filled and holds its form. The egg crate foam mattress has a waterproof zippered cover so you can wash it and the outer plush shell can also easily be washed. I am very pleased as this is very well made. I had been looking at several and decided to give it a try as the medium was on sale for $33 from $60. We love this bed so much I’m also going to order an XL/XXL one for our German Shepherd.

    11 people found this helpful

  58. KatherineKatherine

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    My dog hated beds, but at 13.5, she enjoyed this for the 2 months she had left.

    I bought this bed with the intention for Sprite (the collie) to have a big enough bed for her to get into all-to-common strange Collie sleeping positions but have the support a 13.5 dog needs when they deal with arthritis and a neurological limb problem. What I did not expect was that the day I happily assembled the bed for Sprite’s health to start dramatically failing. I want to state the obvious and say my dogs inevitable passing away was not due to this beg whatsoever, but rather, the timing I bought it was not the best to be investing in a 60$ dog bed.I did not know what to do with the dog bed at first as it became increasingly certain Sprite would have to be put down following the 48 hours I got her bed. I debated on returning the bed, but I didn’t know what to say as it was absolutely perfect, but the timing of the bed was cruel.Sprite pulled through and started to get better. While it was around Thanksgiving, we were determined for her to see New Year’s. She fell in love with the bed, and I could see how comfortable it made her. She had never liked dog beds, but she enjoyed how it was easy to get in and out, even for a very sick dog.In the last week of her life, I slept on the floor with her and used the boarder foam as a pillow, as the material is really that soft and comfortable.Sprite has now been gone for a month, and her bed is hidden in the basement as it became something she truly loved in her last months and its hard to see a dog bed without a dog. However, we wanted to keep the dog in hopes that if we get a new one, she will fallow Sprites pawprints and fall in love with this bed just as she was able to.

    27 people found this helpful

  59. S

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    This Is The Best Dog Bed

    It is a beautiful blue suede type material around the base and nice quality cloth with formidable zippers. I have had many dogs and purchased many beds over the years and this is by far the best. The fabric is soft yet tough and the zippers are heavier duty than any I have seen on a dog bed. There is no doubt it will hold up in the wash.My elderly long coat German Shepherd loves it.He likes to spend most days and nights outside in the Az Fall, Winter, and Spring but after receiving the bed, started barking at the door to be let in and would run to the bed. He would stay for a bit then whine to go out.Finally I started taking the bed outside and putting it on the covered porch and bringing it in in the evenings when he likes to come in to eat and spend time. Then I would take it back out when he asked to go out on his “night watch”. He is clearly very comfortable and gets around better.I bought a second one so I would not be spending so much time taking it in and out. The Xtra L Plus is quite large. He is over 100 pounds it why this size was purchased, but he only takes up just over half of it as curls up. I ordered a smaller size (XL) on the second bed for the house. It may be thinner as is for dogs up to 90 pounds.Update-after some time old age got the best of him. He could barely get around. His eyes were bright yet desperate. We had chicken and ice cream, rawhide, and beef jerky- the people kind with a rugged name. Then the vet came to end it.Enraged and delighted that an intruder had dared come thru the gate, he roared and went full throttle Cujo, just like the old days. He rushed to protect me for the very last time. The vet and tech jumped back and then feigned terror. He was delighted. Grinning. He was scarey again. It was a great gift.After the first sedative the vet asked where we should go. I replied to let him choose. There were several beds on the porch and a couple cot-like beds in the shade.I thought that he would go to his mat by the mesquite tree, but instead he lead me to his blue suede bed on the porch. I gave him another coated raw hide treat, and when he finished chewing it, he shut his eyes and sighed seemingly in great comfort.

    8 people found this helpful

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